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Animal’s Right to Live

Like some humans that violate the rights of men, there are also some humans that violate the rights of animals, which is why animal charities have been formed to protect and preserve animals from humans that violate the rights of animals.

Animal’s Right to Live
By Christine Laug

The word charity means giving some help to those that are in need of it. These kinds of people sometimes form a group that we call a charity or a charitable organization. A charitable organization (also known as a charity) is an organization with charitable purposes only.

But charities are not only founded to help only humans, there are also some charities that help animals that are in need.

Like some humans that violate the rights of men, there are also some humans that violate the rights of animals, which is why animal charities have been formed to protect and preserve animals from humans that violate the rights of animals.

Among all the countries, the US holds the most number of animal charities that protects and preserves the rights of animal from harm. And in Los Angeles alone, animal charities can be seen throughout the state.

Among the many animal charities Los Angeles are the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association or commonly known as the GLAZA animal charities Los Angeles, Last Chance for Animals or commonly known as the LCA animal charities Los Angeles, and the Orangutan Foundation International or commonly known as the OFI animal charities Los Angeles.

Last Chance for Animals or more commonly known as the LCA is also among the many animal charities Los Angeles that recognizes that animals have the ability to experience pain, and as such they deserve certain basic rights protecting them from pain caused by humans.

The Orangutan Foundation International or more commonly known as the OFI is also part of the growing animal charities Los Angeles that was founded to support the conservation and understanding of the orangutan and its rain forest habitat while caring for ex-captive individuals as they make their way back to the forest.

The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association or most commonly known as the GLAZA is one of the many animal charities Los Angeles that was created to support the Los Angeles Zoo in its mission to nurture wildlife and enrich the human experience. GLAZA's primary responsibility is to seek and provide financial support for the Zoo's programs and capital projects. GLAZA provides support through fundraising, membership, organizing special events and travel programs, producing award-winning publications, coordinating one of the largest zoo volunteer programs in the country, administering the contract for visitor services concessions within the Zoo, and supporting community relations, and public relations.

So if you ever wanted to protect the rights of animals to live a life of comfort and not of harm, always remember that these kinds of charities are willing to accept any kind of help or support that you can provide them.

Dogs that really works

By Christine Laug

Dogs have been helping the humans as long as the start of human intellectuality. Dogs are the closest companion of a human than any other domesticated animals such as cats and dogs. Dog are believed to be domesticated 15,000 years ago or even more, well beyond the domestication of cats. The dog is a domestic subspecies of the wolf, a mammal of the Canidae family of the order Carnivore. The term encompasses both feral and pet varieties and is also sometimes used to describe wild canids of other subspecies or species. The domestic dog has been (and continues to be) one of the most widely-kept working and companion animals in human history. Dogs have always been with us, they are our loyal friends and bodyguards, but some dogs are even put to some work. Unlike us, dogs have senses that we human lacks, an example of this is the sense of smell. Unlike the humans, dogs have an acute sense of smell, a dog can smell what humans cannot, this ability of dogs came from its ancestors the wolves, a way for them to distinguish friend from foe. This ability of dogs are now used to sniff out bombs, drugs and to track a possible suspect of a murder or robbery. Dog are now trained to work with the police, as police dogs, trained to chase down a runaway suspect bringing them down to answer for their crime. But after all these work, like a human, a dog also needs its rest, and a good dog bed can easily make our loyal friend rest peacefully. Friends of Cashmere can help with that, for Friends of Cashmere is one of the top online shop that sell quality dog beds for those dogs that love to lay down. Friends of Cashmere offers a lot of kinds of dog beds such as, designer dog beds, orthopedic dog beds, luxury dog beds, small dog beds, round dog beds, some discount dog beds, outdoor dog beds, heated dog beds, bolster dog beds, extra large dog beds, memory foam fog beds, unique dog beds, wicker dog beds, personalized dog beds, wooden dog beds, fleece fog beds, suede dog beds, foam dog beds, and many more. For more information on dog beds, just visit us at

Dog Beds that help

By christine laug

Are you having some problems with your dog always sleeping and getting your bed dirty? Having problems on dogs always ruining your sofa? Well there’s a solution to those problems, buy them some dog beds. Here’s another problem with that solution, dog beds are expensive, its like buying another bed for humans. Well if there will there’s a way and if there’s expensive dog beds then there is always some cheap dog beds. We have to always think that not all birds can fly and that not all of us can’t afford any kind of dog bed, this is why Friends of Cashmere has been built. Friends of Cashmere is a online dog accessory shop that deals with dog beds. Friends of Cashmere was created specifically to help owners get their dogs some cheap and affordable dog beds or other dog accessories, for Friends of Cashmere cares about the welfare of dogs all over world that is why Friends of Cashmere sells different kinds of cheap dog beds such as cashmere made cheap dog beds, large cheap dog beds, orthopedic cheap dog beds, also some luxurious cheap dog beds, small cheap dog beds, rounded cheap dog beds, outdoor cheap dog beds, heated cheap dog beds, bolster cheap dog beds, extra large cheap dog beds, memory foam cheap dog beds, donut shaped cheap dog beds, wicker cheap dog beds, wood made cheap dog beds, fleece made cheap dog beds, suede cheap dog beds, and some personalized cheap dog beds. So if you’re planning on buying your dogs some cheap dog beds then visit

Bed Stained Discount

By christine laug

Discounts are great, with discounts you can buy anything that you want and spend less. Discounts can be even more fun when expensive and luxury items are discounted to be more affordable than its original price.

So when it comes to dog beds, it’s a very blissful feeling in hearing some discount dog beds. We all know that dog beds are a very expensive type of dog accessory, which is why some dog accessory shops and specially those online dog accessory shops provides their customers with some discount dog beds.

The word discount is different than the word cheap. Cheap items can sometimes be an imitation of the original and then marketed with reduced price, but discounted items still retains it’s originality with half of its original price, which is why discount dog beds are the best way to get your dogs some quality dog beds for just half the price.

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