Saturday, March 22, 2008

First-class seat -

Beautiful Clouds, great day for Sherwin, Stanley, and Angel

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From Chris Adams,
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Ergonomic Pet Beds
Cuddle up with your favorite furry friend for another exciting edition of Pet Ergonomics. In the episode we'll discuss the Secure Snuggler, a new bed for the pet.
The Secure Snuggler is a high end bed designed to combine, in the words of the designer, "skeletal support, soothing comfort and Lux style." Basically they designed a good bed for a pet that supports them while sleeping instead of a lumpy bag or bed that provides minimal comfort. The Secure Snuggler is a bed frame supporting a memory foam mattress wrapped in a cashmere/merino wool blend. If it's big enough I might want to curl up for a nap in that.

If you're one of the millions of people that view your pet as part of your family you may want to consider dropping the $250+ to give your pet a wonderful night, morning, and afternoon of sleep.