Monday, March 17, 2008

Introducing an ergonomic dog bed with classic design by Cashmere Co.

Finally, all faithful companions have found a voice in this handmade,
well crafted, luxuriously therapeutic Secure Snuggler.

This fashionable bed was born of inspiration as its designer searched
for the ultimate combination of skeletal support, soothing comfort
and Lux style.

The goal was to create a place of rest that would cradle
the developing structure of a puppy and adapt to the aging process
providing an exclusive individual support system.

A frame of moisture resistant minicel construction and a memory
foam pedic pillow are covered in a plush blend of cashmere and merino wool providing cozy support and maximum relaxation.

Pet Owner will have a nice surprise in the stylish design as it
integrates beautifully with home decor in rich colors, textures and
patterns. The Secure Snuggler is proudly handmade in the USA and accented with the Royal Bullion Crested Crown logo, which has been the mark of excellence for centuries This "French Poodle of dog beds with the heart of a bulldog illuminates the pet market as the ultimate gift to companion pets.