Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Illustrious Cashmere dog bed By Christine Laug

Do you know what cashmere is? Well the cashmere is among the items that are considered a luxury item. Much use the cashmere on the creation of scarves, turban, pillowcase and many more, but do you know where the cashmere came from?

Like the fleece, Cashmere fiber is a fiber obtained from the Cashmere goat and is also known as Pashmina. The name derives from an archaic spelling of Kashmir. It is sometimes incorrectly applied to any extremely soft wool regardless of origin. Cashmere is characterized by its luxuriously soft fibers. In order for a natural goat fiber to be considered Cashmere, it must be under 18.5 micrometers in diameter and be at least 3.175 centimeters long. It is noted as providing natural lightweight insulation without bulk. Fibers are highly adaptable and are easily constructed into fine or thick yarns, and light to heavyweight fabrics.

But other than pillow cases or scarves, cashmere can also be seen on dog beds called a Cashmere dog bed, and this was the idea of a couple that decided to put their entrepreneurial spirit to the test when six months prior, one night - after noticing that every cashmere item of theirs they left around the house attracted their beloved little dogs, DALI & JEZEBEL, like magnets - it dawned on them, what if we made Cashmere dog bed.

Six months later, here they are, bringing their love, passion and talent to life - a Cashmere dog bed at home, one that DALI and JEZEBEL won't leave, and Cashmere Co. dog beds are available for all dogs. Cashmere Co. dog beds are dedicated to DALI & JEZEBEL, our Inspiration.

The Cashmere Co. dog bed excels in selling different kinds of Cashmere dog bed such as the "Windsor Castle Royal" royal blue with heather piping Cashmere dog bed, "The Classic" black with heather grey piping Cashmere dog bed, "The Scottish Inn" hunter green with beige piping Cashmere dog bed, "The Gramercy Park" chocolate brown with banana piping Cashmere dog bed, "Chateau Marmont Pooch" red with baby pink piping Cashmere dog bed, "Modonna Inn" pink with baby pink piping Cashmere dog bed, "The Little Fall Inn" charcoal heather grey with light heather grey piping Cashmere dog bed, "Polo Lounge Paw", heather grey with charcoal grey piping Cashmere dog bed, "Furberry Friends Inn" beige with chocolate brown piping Cashmere dog bed and many more Cashmere dog bed. For more information regarding The Cashmere Co. Cashmere, dog beds then visit

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